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My school is Woodstock Middle School!! It is in the great state of Georgia.. Go Wolverines!!!!

U r my sunshine! I miss you soo much!! I love you to the end of the universe and back!!

You are the best friend anyone could EVER have!! Thank you SOOO much for everything!!! I love you!!

Even though we aren't on the same team, you know I am here for you! Love ya much!!!!

You are such a sweetie!! Thanks for always making me feel better! Love ya!

Hey BEST FRIEND (inside joke) Playing in the snow was SO much fun!! Thanks for making me feel better and tellng me everything will be ok! Luv ya!!

Hey wife (inside joke) I am glad I got to know you! Wish you could cheer with us this year!! Luv ya!

Big K-mart, wuz up? j/k I still remember what you were wearing on the 1st day of school! I love you!!!!!

You really help me out alot! Ur always there when I need you and I can tell you anything!! Thank you! Luv ya!!

Hey my best guy friend. I had alot of fun playing in the snow with you. Thanks for stopping in the hallway to talk to me. Love ya!!

Hey to: Kyle (thanks for letting me wear your shorts!), Chelsea (we've had some good times), Ben (I know everything you do), Tanner (My sexy man!!), Dustin (my little man), Tripp (sasquetch, ur like a big bro to me!), Amy, Kecia, Caitlin (hey sessy, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood LOL!), Zach (my mommy loves you! AHHHH my eyes are burning, lol!!), Jessie (butterfly kisses), Jesse, Lauren (hey sweetie!! i am glad i got to base with you!), Amanda (please don't hit me,hehehe), Sara (I know you try to steal stuff out of my locker, j/k Remember flying on the bleachers), Kelly (used a curling iron lately?), Larry, Seth (i miss you ALOT!), Robert (better treat Courtney right! You better come back for Football too), Joseph (crazy remember when we tried to get into Holly's jacket, now that was funny), Rachel (i am glad i found someone who understands!! Remember our promise!! Luv ya sooo much!!), Brittany J (We have the best times together!! Luv ya alot!), Jennifer (hey cutie!! I am glad we became friends!), Hayley (they took my sunshine away :*(, Adam, Courtney (you and Rob are the cutest!! I know what you are going through!), Julianna (i'm never gonna let u live down when you tried to jump over the hurtle @ the Pope game!! HAHAHA that was sooooo funny!), Kristen (stop tripping me~ j/k It was really funny when Jess shanked you!), Scott (you are always there for me, thank you for eveything!), Ryan (my bro!!), Coloe, Ferega, Dutch (Hey Dutch baby!!), Nicole (You tell me everything which is usually more then I need to know but you are a sweetie and I love you!), Christy (i want ur boobs lol j/k inside joke!), and everyone else!!! You guys are the greatest!! I luv you all!!

This is my 8th grade Cheerleading picture. It isn't that good, but oh well.

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Thank you, Joan for my first award.

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