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God Bless America

My first award.
1999 Thank you Evelyn (Dearest_Heart)
What a thrill it was to recieve this award ! Your friendship is cherished !

Thank you Cindy. This was another big surprise !

Thank you Sharon Rose
Diamond's are a girl's best friend !

Thank you Andy, I love sharing your air space !
You have helped me soooo much !

A duo award for my Cristmas With JazzyGma
And My Midi Madness Links.
Thank you, Marcy and Joe
I am proud to be a Drifter !

Thank You, Joan
All your sites are out of this world ! Awesome !

Thank You, April
You are a rainbow in my life !

Thank You, Jan
You are such a sharing person !

Thank You, LadyLight
I love this award !

Thank You, Shirley
Awesome !

Thank You Bridey
Such a lovely award !

Thank You KoolBreeze
That breeze came straight to me !
~COOL STUFF~ ~CLICK HERE~ Star Award Of Excellence! Remember, You Too
Can WIN This Award Because YOUR Site Is Better Than YOU Think!

Thank You Mike
I spend hours surfing your site !

Stephanie, Your sparking gifs are terrific !

Thank you Lynn
I am so proud of your award !

Thank You Bruce
Your banner's are the best !

Thank you Margie
I visit your site often !

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